Disclaimer of Viral Supplement

We follow the slogan “sharing is caring”.

Our website provides educational purpose based information. The information we provide is gathered from different sources which are authentic and legal. The introduction, benefits, side effects and reviews of supplements expressed on viralsupolement.com does not include the genuine advice of medical professionals.

Information is gathered from the customers and the manufacturer company.

As the authors and publishers always put their best efforts to do their duty honestly. Information included on this website is accurate, scientifically proven research based ingredients and others. But as we know science also changes their theories, the information given by science also fluctuates sometimes. So we can not guarantee you about the results.

As the  reader understood the given information according to his caliber. The supplement which a reader use did not suit him as every individual has variable factors. Effectiveness of a product may change according to individual. So results may vary. It is not necessary that everyone must get benefits written on the website. For this you can not blame the website.

In this website, you are provided with all the risks associated to supplement, suggestion, recommendations etc. But only you are the responsible for results as the website is not responsible for interpretations. It is just responsible for authentic information.

Perspective of the website

  • Our intention is to serve you in the best way
  • Our perspective is to provide you comprehensive material, proved analysis and Real People Real Reviews about supplement.
  • Our goal is to serve human health. We care of your health as much as you do.
  • Our purpose is to develop strategies for the wellness of humanity in health.

Rules and Regulations

The type of nature of our business demands to clear our legal views and liabilities.

  • Website is responsible for the product which it sales.
  • Website is responsible for your money back trial
  • Website is not responsible if reader assumes different results from the use of a chemical product
  • Website is not responsible for any dangerous type of results
  • Customers can not blame the website for any wrong claim


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